Desiros operating system

Desiros is a development project of a kernel. I use the GPL because it more independence to developers.
All participation is welcome, if you have any comments or suggestions on the current code,
please send email to .

What a Kernel?

In computing, the kernel is the main component of most computer operating systems; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level. The kernel's responsibilities include managing the system's resources (the communication between hardware and software components). Usually, as a basic component of an operating system, a kernel can provide the lowest-level abstraction layer for the resources (especially processors and I/O devices) that application software must control to perform its function. It typically makes these facilities available to application processes through inter-process communication mechanisms and system calls.

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Language: Desiros coded with C language and GNU assembly.

Bootloader: To load the kernel in memory is necessary to use a bootloader.
Desiros uses akernelloader as bootloader.


*  Small C library
*  Kernel mode and mode user
*  Basic Multitasking through the use of context switches and memory protection
*  Dynamic memory allocation (using slab allocation technique)
*  Virtual memory
*  Kernel Paging
*  Virtual file system
*  Device file system
*  Ext2 file system
*  DMA (Direct Memory Access)


To install and use you should read the file "README" included in the source code.

Emulator test results:
Before testing on a real computer we tested on an emulator pc.


*stability: GOOD
*functionality: OK


*stability: GOOD
*functionality: OK

You can post your changes to my email address

Source Code : desiros-0.0.1.tar.gz     Desiros kernel
Source Code : desiros-0.0.2.tar.gz     Desiros with internet layer